US Consulate General, Shanghai


KateChanResearch did a very good job updating information from an old report and sharing some new perspectives on rapidly growing China market.

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Mr. Keith Schneller
Director of Agricultural Trade Office
U.S. Consulate General Shanghai

Consulate General of Switzerland


I  had the pleasure of working with KateChanResearch on a project for  market research and an ensuing partner search for an infant-bottle  producer.  As I  have worked with many consulting firms for similar causes, I must truly  say working with KateChanResearch was one of the most enjoyable  experiences.  The results delivered were beyond expectations and there was a great deal of interaction with Kate and her team.  Kate always reacted very quickly to sudden new requests.  I  was constantly updated on the progress of the project, deadlines were  always held, and the information provided was precise and actually more  than originally demanded.  I  can sincerely recommend KateChanResearch for any company looking to  enter the Chinese market, I myself will not hesitate to work with Kate  again.

Mr. Kilian Widmer

Consulate General of Switzerland

Swiss Business Hub China Deputy Head


The Embassy of Denmark, Beijing


In  2006 and 2007, Kate Chan (Chen Xiang) was my colleague at the Embassy  of Denmark, Beijing. Employed as a ‘commercial officer’, Kate joined a  number of projects across a wide array of industries.     Kate’s  main focus was market surveys and she had numerous satisfied clients.  Among others that included a heavy machinery company selling equipment  to the mining industry, a company selling software to soccer  associations, a project on cosmetic products, a brake manufacturer and a  report on offshore fish farming for a fishing company.   Kate also successfully completed market surveys on behalf of various associations, including a graphic industry association.   It  was clear to both her clients and colleagues, that Kate was both  professional and very diligent when conducting the surveys. It required  stamina, skills and creativity to carry out the surveys in the way, Kate  did.    I thus give Kate my warmest recommendation.

Yours Sincerely,

Thomas Højlund Christensen


Groupe Limagrain

KateChanResearch has demonstrated very strong skills as a consultant firm for Groupe Limagrain.  They  are very result oriented, always show extreme attention to their  customer and use their deep international marketing knowledge to solve  complex situations and built partnerships.  I  am impressed with their entrepreneurial management, their interpersonal  skills at high level, and their high capacity for delivering.  KateChanResearch is also very open to new ideas, which they quickly transform into business opportunities.

Dr. Alain Bonjean
General Representative & Managing Director
Groupe Limagrain's Greater China



Earlier  this year we were approached by KateChanResearch, offering an  introduction of their possible assistance and service to our company.   As we actually had a project on hand that would need some external  assistance – we engaged KateChanResearch for this project.  This  turned out to be a very good decision.  Despite any pre-knowledge to  the product we wanted a market survey for and despite very little  pre-knowledge to the related industry, then KateChanResearch were very  quickly into the task, keeping promised dead-lines and delivering a  final survey that will be very useful for us in our future business  strategy for this particular product.  By  engaging KateChanResearch we got full value for the money and I would  not hesitate to recommend the service of KateChanResearch to anyone.


Palle Steenbol 
CEO FLSmidth China (Retired in 2011)



Our  company had a presence in China through a JV arrangement for 5 years.   So when we wanted to find a site for a new WFOE, we had enough  experience to know that we needed a qualified consultant to guide us  through the process.  After interviewing numerous consultant services,  we selected Ms. Kate Chan.  Through the knowledge and efforts of Ms.  Chan we were able to find a site for our new factory that met our goals  for location, cost, and available services, all in the time frame  budgeted.  Ms. Chan proved to be very experienced with the market.  We  didn’t waste a lot of time chasing down bad leads, and when it came down  to negotiating the contract, she held firm until our target cost was  achieved. 


If  you are new to the world of business in China, or even a veteran  player, you can’t go wrong using a consultant.  However, like many other  aspects of business in China, it is important to choose the right  consultant.  That is why we can recommend Ms. Kate Chan and her  enterprise.

Robert Cinquina
LaFrance Corp
Concordville, PA, USA
Asia-Pacific Operations Manager

PNZ-Produkte GmbH

We  had the pleasure to cooperate with KateChanResearch for a market  research according to the use of natural based oil in the solid wood  flooring and furniture industry in China.  KateChanResearch showed high skills in obtaining the right information for us optimised on our special request.  The  reaction time was short and the result was a detailed documentation of  the market, based on figures as well as on estimation of the market  player.  We have been constantly informed of the progress of the project.  We can recommend the cooperation with KateChanResearch and would not hesitate to ask for their help again.

Dr. Heiko Koch
PNZ-Produkte GmbH

Global Financial Resources

Kate  Chan has been a business associate of mine for many years and I have  found her to be conscientious, professional, objective and thorough in  whatever tasks or job demanded of her. Honesty is most evident in her  character even when the truth may be detrimental to her personally.  This is particularly evident in her approach to research where truth and her client's hoped for results may not be compatible!  She is very straight forward in her personal relationships as well as her professional ones.  Hard work, persistence and thoroughness are other qualities which I have always found refreshing.  Kate  Chan is also multi-cultural and multi-lingual which is a characteristic  that is hard to find in today's business world especially when it  allows her to properly understand and assess real client needs in a  manner that leads to long lasting and accurate results.  I would personally recommend Kate Chan for any assignment or position she is considered for.

Thomas (Tom) R. O'Malley
President, Global Financial
& Management Resources LLC
Pasadena, Ca, U.S,A,



1000ED1 SRL

I  would like to extend my deep appreciation for and admiration of  professional assistance of KateChanResearch.  1000ED1 has been a  satisfied customer of KateChanResearch since 2008, during which time  KateChanResearch has provided 1000ED1 with most reliable, comprehensive,  in-depth, knowledgeable, and professional market survey and most  strategic and pragmatic suggestions in the field of ice cream retail in  China.  KateChanResearch’s work has been a significantly important  factor in our success, making us more profitable and helping our Company  to avoid mistakes and to save relevant money. 


I can confidently recommend KateChanResearch as a solid and reliable consultant firm in their field.

Yours faithfully
Piermichele Bosio
1000ED1 SRL

Riemann & Co.

In  2006 Kate Chan provided Riemann & Co. a/s with an Introductory  Market Report to be used in evaluating the market potential of our  antiperspirant product in China. The report was very comprehensive as it  gave both a description of consumer behavior, competition, regulatory  requirements and retail environment.

Irene Stærk Jørgensen
Sales Director
Riemann & Co. a/s

The Westmoreland Group S. A.

We  wish, with great pleasure, recommend Miss Chen Xiang (Kate Chan) as a  trustworthy person, reliable, energetic, excellent expression capability  and self-confident.


In  our work with her as a sourcing consultant and translator from Chinese  to English and Vice Versa, she proved to be very competent. Furthermore  in our work with her to find for us competent and adequate sources of  supply in China, she proved her ability to aim to her task until its  fulfillment.


We wish, in this opportunity to  recommend her as a most reliable and competent person and may we convey  to her our best wishes in whatever she will choose to do.


W. Barlev

The Westmoreland Group S. A. 



Kate  is a great person to help you start or grow your business.  She has a  solid business understanding that is enhanced by her ability to connect  your business with the marketplace in China.  She played a key role in  helping us establish our business in China.  She helped us navigate the  myriad of bureau, regulations, relationships, and chops, all the while  keeping us updated on the progress.  She was not only very professional,  but also friendly and patient in explaining the process.  She is a  great asset to have if you are struggling with getting started or  expanding your business in China. 

Steve Hwang

Guavatalk China

Australian Trade Commission

Dear Kate   I would like to thank you for your contribution to a successful "Australian Week in China".  Your participation in our Social Media and Consumer Trends Seminar was invaluable and appreciated by Austrade, me personally and our delegates.   The  seminar has received very positive feedback, due in no small part to  your successful role in the discussion panel.  I hope you too found the  experience of being involved in the inaugural "Australia Week in China"  activities both enjoyable and valuable.  Overall,  we had over 700 Australian delegates attend 102 events across China,  and around 2,400 Chinese guests also participate.  I am sure this will  be a landmark in terms of business contracts between Australia and  China, and you can rightly say you have very much been part of it.   Thanks for your support and I look forward to future opportunities to collaborate with you.  


Susan Corbisiero Trade 

Commissioner Australian Trade 

Commission, Australian Embassy, 

GV21 China

Kate  did a terrific job in assisting me and my publishing company - LID  Editorial - in the organization of the trip that a delegation of the  Chinese women entrepreneur included in my book, did in connection with  the launching of my book "Emprendedoras Chinas" (2009, LID Editorial   From May to August, Kate helped by keeping herself in direct contact  with the Executive Vice-President and Secretary General of the China  Association of Women Entrepreneur (CAWE) and allowing, as such a kind of  a relationship which would have been impossible to be kept by me in the  distance and with the time difference.


  Julia Perez-Cerezo 

Europe & Latin America Partner 

GV21 China


Enclosed below are some selected testimonials from KateChanResearch's clients, please refer to it:  

Netafim China

Kate and her team have carried out three important market studies for Netafim in China. We are always impressed with the diligence and quality of the studies which help us to shape some of our business strategies and plans for our China business. Kate's team are diligent, professional and resourceful to use a variety of data sources from internet research to personal interview to provide as clear a picture as possible to allow us to make better informed business decisions.  Kate, is fully committed to ensure the quality and thoroughness of the study results personally, despite her busy schedule.  We are very likely to continue to work with Kate and her team to do further studies and projects to help us find and develop new opportunities in the vast China market. By working together in a flexible manner with joint interactions we have been able to improve the study results as we find out more during projects. This flexibility is highly valued as we explore new markets.

Mr. Stephan Titze
Head of Asia Pacific
Netafim China

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