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We hope that our Newsletter finds you well and experiencing continued success. Our recent projects have given us some food for thought and we would like to share it with you in this newsletter


Change fengshui, Change Luck?


Have you ever experienced a situation where your product is facing a very challenging market, while your competitors are facing a promising future? Is the market really fit for all but one?  


In a recent project, it was revealed that the designated product of our client was facing a depressing market in a regional market of China; but at the same time, we discovered that other products in the same product portfolio, which have similar application and share the same clientele as that designated product, yield dramatically different sales results.  


This, somehow, reminds us of an old Chinese story of how a wise man had won a 3 race contest, using his horses against the King's royal horses - the man intentionally lost the first race (his slowest vs. the King's fastest horse), but finally won his other 2 races through strategy (his fastest vs. King's moderate horse, his moderate vs. King's slowest horse). 


Sometimes, changing our fengshui can be through simple, but easily overlooked, steps.  


Similar to this client's case, we wonder: if our client could strategically restructure their product portfolio - which is a small shift in direction - but without sacrificing their original strategic marketing plan, would they be able to turn their luck around?  


I would like to thank our clients and team members for their great support and contribution, so that we could turn their marketing intelligence into this food for thought to share. We hope this newsletter has also given you some enlightenment.  


Please feel free to contact us and find out how we might assist you in satisfying your company's market research and strategy needs in China. Look out for our next newsletterBowling versus Billiards.


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12-06 16:37