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Food for Thought: Bowling or Billiards? 


It is often heard that in the Chinese market, price sensitivity is the key obstacle to most foreign products (excluding luxury goods). Have you considered that perhaps this scenario is merely a reflection of the insecurities of the unmotivated sales representatives, distributors, or agents (due to low brand awareness of your product/service and undetermined target markets)?  


This, in some way, reminds us of the bowling (1 to 10) and billiards (1 to 1) strategies, which often apply to all aspects of marketing. In our sales & marketing strategies research, we discovered that most of the sales revenues are actually made through the bowling strategy applied on the right target markets (often) at the early stage of the business development in China. Although both strategies are equally important and are complementary to each other, the bowling strategy generates more results while utilizing a smaller amount of effort (one-to-many approach).  


But does simply applying the bowling strategy guarantee success in China? Through the experiences of our clients, we learned that an accurate identification of the target market is a prerequisite for the bowling strategy to be effective. Imagine without this, what would it be like? 


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