It Is NOT What You Sell but HOW You Sell It

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We hope that our e-mail finds you and your business well.  Our recent projects have given us somefood for thought and we would like to share it with you in this newsletter.


Do you still recall the most provocative blind tasting competition between several big brands in the beverage market about 20 years ago?  In this kind of competition, frequently the results are contrary to what we COMMONLY believe.  This leads us to the great debate – why is our product (which is technically better) selling less than our competitor’s?  Is having the best product still not good enough?  Through our recent research on consumer goods, our results further confirm the strategic marketing theory that it is not the product itself, but mainly the PERCEPTION and the IMAGE of it that attract customers. 




Sometimes, it is NOT what you sell but HOW you sell it.


Here is another thought:  When thinking of the ideal distribution/sales channel for a consumer product, the common sense would be to take advantage of China’s huge population and tap into the Chinese market through retail channels, reaching the customers directly.  But can we be absolutely sure this is the most profitable channel? 


We wonder: in business, if a thought/idea becomes COMMON sense, has it then become too common competitive and no longer sensible? 


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