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March 2017




Six months later, Netafim China is doubling and expanding their business, activating their full capacity, thanks to many reasons, especially to a brand-new partner and to government policy changes.  Internally we all like to think that we brought “good luck” to our client, allowing us to strengthen our working relationships. 


This also leads us to think: it seems that no matter what strategies and tactics that are set forth, still the serendipity (the right partner) and right timing (the government reforms) made more significant changes and differences than any premeditation.  In our research, Strategic Partner Search was bespoken as our (Netafim and KateChanResearch) real focus beyond and underneath the first survey.  We can anticipate that the rule of this market game has been restructured, and only those sensitive and prepared birds may be able to seize the opportunity.  Now, the new question is: how do you anticipate the serendipity and timing (or the rule of the game, or the trend) through market studies?




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