In Business, Is Ignorance Bliss?

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We hope that our Newsletter finds you well and experiencing continued success. Our recent projects have given us some food for thought and we would like to share it with you in this newsletter.  


In Business, Is Ignorance Bliss?


We would like to quote from a client, who said:"Imagine China as an enormous football league. What would it be like if a football team goes through every season without knowing the score?" In the recent projects that we have completed, we observe that there is a common belief amongst existing companies in China; to keep ourselves updated is to stay one step ahead of the game. We believe that such awareness helps them find the right direction and set business priorities to continuously be successful in China. 


In the ever changing Chinese market, as new competitors emerge and old competitors continuously update theirstrategies, do we know if we have the right priority and strategy? Is it time for us to follow suit and re-assess ourselves and the market in a more quantitative manner? What does the future hold for you here in China? 




As we climb the mountain of success in China, if our view of the peak is shrouded in a mist of doubt, do we know how much further should we climb? Are we using the best route to the top? Can we proceed with confidence if we are walking in uncertainty? Are we aware of the challenges that lie ahead of us? Do we have the right climbing partners? With all these questions in mind, we may ask ourselves again, "In Business, Is Ignorance Bliss?" 


In the ancient Chinese philosophy - "Yin & Yang", it says that there are basically two paths to receive wisdom and success in life. One path is "Practice before study" - a path in which you COULD BE right; the other path is "Study before practice" - a path in which you KNOW you are right. According to the "Yin & Yang"philosophy, the second path is the wiser choice. As compared to the first path, the biggest advantage is that the second path is often accompanied with efficiency, high-effectiveness, and is TIME-saving. In the Chinese market, we believe that market study and practice are equally important; however wisdom and success often arise from setting the right priorities.  


We hope this newsletter has also given you some food for thought. Please feel free to contact us and find out how we might assist you in satisfying your company's market research and strategy needs in China.


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