KateChanResearch is an efficient and innovative research boutique, devoted to creative market research and marketing strategy solutions in China since 2003, with partners in Beijing, Shanghai, Jiangsu, Chongqing as well as in Europe.  Our business development is based more on word of mouth rather than on our promotional efforts and we retain our customers by simply complying with a Jewish saying - "growing in slow motion and slowly grow faster", which aims at continuously ensuring top quality results.  


As of Jul 2019, KateChanResearch has successfully completed 114 projects for 82 clients from 26 countries.  Highly satisfied clients mainly include internationally respected organizations, publicly listed companies, and Fortune 500 companies.  Since 2011, KateChanResearch has been continuously recognized as a "Certified Expert" by both the Embassy of Switzerland in Beijing and the Swiss Consulate General in Shanghai.  


Apart from our research methodologies that use an integrated combination of B2B and B2C/B2E/C2C market research, our USP is, on one hand, our research expertise, which distinctly specializes on sales and distribution, including supply and value chain, profitable distribution channels (using 80-20 rule), retailer and/or direct-managed distributorship, online store types and e-commerce platform models, and on the other hand, turning our marketing intelligence and instinct into clients' profitability and identification of potential opportunities.  These are strong tools to create innovative marketing strategies that can be easily understood, adopted, and implemented by clients.

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